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A profound personal transformation that began in 1999 and went on for two lengthy and enriching decades, has allowed me to discover that which I call the true and abundant Self (from Latin abundare "to overflow, flow in profusion"), and create from this Self, inner and outer experiences where wholeness, peace, joy, wellbeing, and fulfillment abound.

From a past where my disconnection from my true and abundant Self - disguised as emptiness, depression, anxiety, addictions, suicidal behavior, and all sorts of negative thinking - created a somber and superficial reality without an easy way out, I shifted into this happier and self-realized woman I am today.

A few interesting facts about my story:

  • I was born in Colombia, South America, and brought up in a tiny, yet magical island in the Caribbean called San Andrés, where my family lived until I was a teenager.

  • Having different races and cultures as my background, I see myself as a peaceful and compassionate world citizen who loves to travel and feel at home, wherever I go.

  • I have been married and divorced twice. I have two beautiful daughters from my first marriage, who are 32 and 29. My first ex-husband passed away and I continue to have a great friendship with my second ex-husband.

  • I am currently 56, and I feel deeply grateful for the years ahead of me to explore more of this extraordinary life.

  • I graduated from college as an Anthropologist and went on to study two master’s degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Before becoming a spiritual coach, I worked as:


- An Anthropologist in various archaeological projects;

- The Editor In Chief for a prestigious university;

- A Political Scientist in a presidential campaign for an elected president;

- The Founder and CEO of an NGO focusing on displaced children.

- An HR executive in corporate America.

  • In 2009, I finished my autobiographical novel which in 2011 became an award-winning and bestselling book under the title “While I Was Learning To Become God.”

  • I have lived in many different cities throughout the US and Europe.

  • I believe mental health creates all other types of health.

  • Meditation is my most cherished practice.

  • In God I trust.

A few degrees I have completed:

-BS in Anthropology

-MS in Political Science and International Affairs

-MA in International Policies and Practices

-Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach

-Certified Reiki Practitioner

-Certified Alchemical Healer

-Certified NLP Practitioner

The author that changed my life forever:

Neville Goddard

Some teachers I have been honored to learn from:

Gregg Braden

Joe Dispenza

Bruce Lipton

Robert Monroe/The Monroe Institute

Drunvalo Melchizedec

Louise Hay

Wayne Dyer

Joe Vitale

Bob Proctor

Michael Beckwith


John Assaraf

Neale Donald Walsch


Jack Canfield

And so many more.

And so… why am I telling you all this?

Because I wanted to share with you the “story” of who I AM NOT.


Yes, none of the past I just mentioned is my true and abundant Self...


The happiness and fulfillment I have found, have nothing to do with my story.


You see, authentic happiness and fulfillment can only be found once we start living as our true and abundant Self that's beyond our human stories.


What is the use of having a successful career, if we don’t know who we truly are?


What is the use of having millions in the bank, if that money is not allowing us to be all that we can be?


What is the use of having a family making us proud, if our family is only seeing us for the roles we play, and not for the magnificent being inside of us that is creating it all?


What is the use of taking care of our body and choosing a healthy lifestyle, if we are not connected with our inner peace and infinite joy?


After 20 years of being fully dedicated to understanding who I was and why I was here on this planet, I now believe that true success has nothing to do with the things we accomplish, the things we acquire, our names, titles, degrees, or anything else related to the distracting and illusory external world that our negative mindset constantly focuses on. Simply put, success is being able to experience the Real You.


In the past, life took away from me, all my external world, including people and things, not once but twice. Now, I know these were the lessons I personally needed in order to find my true and abundant Self, and experience this worthy, fulfilled, and self-realized version of me I always wanted to be.



Now that I have shared about who I am and who I am not, I would love to hear about YOU.

Do you feel as happy and successful as you know you can be?

How are you experiencing these very transformational moments that the world is going through?

Has life taken something or someone away from you?

Has life disappointed you by not bringing what you had expected?

Have you found who you truly are? I mean, the Self that is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually creating your life?

Your true Self is the ONLY one with the key to all that has been missing up until now.

Here is where I come in, to safely guide you, accompany you, and help you remember who you truly are, so that you can become not just a part, but all of Her or Him.

I've been working since 2011 as a spiritual coach, energy healer, and bestselling author, and I would love to chat with you and explore ways to work together towards the achievement of your goals.

The next step is to schedule your 30-min free call by clicking this link.


You can also read my best-selling book, and connect with me via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Love and gratitude,


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