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Thank you for visiting my website.

As a midlife woman who is experiencing the uncertainty caused by the current global circumstances, you may feel stressed, anxious, even depressed and overwhelmed.

Right now, life can feel as a roller coaster of confusing emotions. Besides your own personal challenges, you are having to help your family and friends with theirs (not that you didn’t do it before but now is more evident than ever.)

Life will certainly not be the same from this point forward.

And as a woman, you have what is required to make the transformation from the old world you used to live in, to the new one that is now beginning to emerge.

Here is where I come in, as a guide who can help you achieve your goals during what promises to be the most important stage of your entire life.

Are you ready to reclaim your authentic power and begin using it towards those goals you haven’t had the time to achieve?

Do you have what it takes?

Finding out is very easy.

Watch my video by clicking this link to see if you qualify for a free call and take advantage of the ongoing sale that I am offering during the month of April.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Infinite wellbeing and abundance.


work with me


We meet for one session to gain clarity on how to reach your next level and get yourself in momentum.


We meet online one-on-one over the course of 3 months for transformational sessions tailored to you.


We meet in person in your hometown over the course of 3 days for the most life-changing weekend of all.



"Roxana wakes you up to a whole new reality through the power of her positive words. She helps you heal, rebirth your soul and meet your true Self. The spark of life emanates through her presence and her love is unending. She is the perfect person to trust and reach out to if you’re ready for huge life-changes."

Kimberley Blaine, USA


"Roxana is the embodied essence of the Sacred Feminine master teacher, here to lovingly guide the shifts of personal transformation. Roxana's gentle guidance, knowing and mastery creates the perfect healing environment for the magical and the miraculous to be rebirthed from the depths of your being. The time is Now."

Joely Nicole, USA


"Roxana has opened and lead the way for me and countless amounts of women with her courage, vulnerability, and open heart. I admire her talent and her ability to teach and give us the gift to become who we are really meant to be. Roxana is a pure inspiration on how to fall in love with Self!"

Ruth Serrano, Mexico

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