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Welcome to my website.


I specialize in helping people to overcome their life challenges by transforming their negative mindset.

Do you feel as happy and successful as you know you can be?

How are you experiencing these very transformational moments that the world is going through?

Has life taken something or someone away from you?

Has life disappointed you by not bringing what you had expected?

Have you found who you truly are? I mean, the Self that is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually creating ALL of your life?

Your true Self is the only one with the key to all that has been missing up until now.

And this is where I come in, to safely guide you, accompany you, and help you find who you truly are so that you can become not just a part, but all of Her or Him.

I've been working since 2011 as a spiritual coach, energy healer, and writer, and I will love to chat with you and explore the ways we can work together towards the realization of your purpose.

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work with me



A 3-month program consisting of nine 60-min private online sessions and email support between sessions.



A 3-month program consisting of nine 60-min private online sessions and email support between sessions.



A 3-day private weekend retreat, including one follow-up session and email support after the event.



"Roxana wakes you up to a whole new reality through the power of her positive words. She helps you heal, rebirth your soul and meet your true Self. The spark of life emanates through her presence and her love is unending. She is the perfect person to trust and reach out to if you’re ready for huge life-changes."

Kimberley Blaine, USA


"Roxana is the embodied essence of the Sacred Feminine master teacher, here to lovingly guide the shifts of personal transformation. Roxana's gentle guidance, knowing and mastery creates the perfect healing environment for the magical and the miraculous to be rebirthed from the depths of your being. The time is Now."

Joely Nicole, USA


"Roxana has opened and lead the way for me and countless amounts of women with her courage, vulnerability, and open heart. I admire her talent and her ability to teach and give us the gift to become who we are really meant to be. Roxana is a pure inspiration on how to fall in love with Self!"

Ruth Serrano, Mexico


"I had the pleasure of working with Roxana during a very transformational time in my life.  Her wisdom, loving guidance, and divine energy created such a beautiful space for awakening to my truest and highest self.  This awareness allowed me to fully embrace my light, love, and divinity while emerging as the beautiful butterfly that has always been ready to fly.  I have such deep gratitude that Roxana has shared her transformational journey with me and that continues to share it with the world."

Jessica Jacobson, USA

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